Election Coming - How's the market looking?

As a company we take an overview of market analysis and our consultative based approach ensures clients look to us to help advise and guide them over their property market decisions in the context of wider politcal concerns.


Our Sales Director, Donald Collins, has fielded many queries from prospective buyers and sellers in recent weeks who are looking to make decisions in the context of the forthcoming election and he gives the following advice:


"My colleague Paul Harty made some excellent points in our recent newsletter and I think it is worth keeping a sense of balance in your mindset when it comes to your buying or selling decision.


"We always advise clients to think about their next home as a 5-7 year move.  This way you take into account any proposed lifestyle changes or family commitments like schooling.  It also helps you realise aspirational aims, like moving to a bigger property, in a realistic timeframe.


"By looking at the timescales in this mind, you ride out any perceived short term difficulties in the market and secondly, and this is what gives me confidence in the market, this election is now the fourth major vote to affect the London market in four years, can we say the market has been grossly affected by all these votes fostered on us?  I would say based on our performance as an agent and looking across the Borough of Ealing: the market remains strong with a large database of waiting buyers."


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Election Coming - How's the market looking?

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