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Prepare. Value. Sell in 2024.

8 months ago
Prepare. Value. Sell in 2024.

Preparation is the key to getting a successful sale.

Despite what you see in media headlines, values do not fluctuate wildly over a number of months. Therefore, why not book a valuation today to get market and move ready for 2024?

It takes some time to onboard you as a client for us and your chosen solicitor. We can also get the property presentation element looking at its best in preparedness for hitting the market in 2024.

How we get to your value?

Buyers in the sophisticated West London market tend to make purchasing decisions based on comparable sales of similar properties to yours. We have access to all the sold prices of similar property to your own, and this forms the first basis of getting to a valuation figure.

The next step is to consider the overall condition and marketability of your home. Renovation and even just single-room decoration costs can be high at present, given the overall inflationary pressures in the economy, so if your home is in a certain condition, we can use that to help achieve a higher sales price.

Why an in-person valuation is always best

While an ‘online only’ valuation, typically through computer algorithms that quickly summarise local sold prices, will potentially give you some guidance, it is much better to get an in-person valuation to know exactly where you stand. I have worked in the area for Go View London for almost ten years. My colleague Paul, similar and Stephanie, our third valuer, has been in the area, raising her family, for 15 years plus.

We believe, collectively with our team, we can give you the most comprehensive and dedicated services to help get you the best value and move you with the least stress possible.

Be ‘Sale Ready’

Having a valuation just now means we can conduct an initial review of how a buyer’s legal representative and surveyor may view your property, and we can work with you to bring any missing paperwork up to date or point you to a trusted supplier to fix any potential building issue. We have a sales progression manager, Helyn Collins, who deals daily with transactions, so she can give advice and best practices to make sure you are ‘sale ready’.

We are finding the legal due diligence period the most taxing it’s ever been in getting a transaction from sale agreed to sale exchange. We are looking to give you the best advice possible to ensure you can make 2024 the year of a successful move.

If you would like to discuss any element of the market or book in a valuation, please get in touch.

Michael Bolger CeMAP  

Area Sales Manager


Direct Dial: 020 8752 3173

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