RICS plants seed of change in dealing with Japanese Knotweed

The invasive plant, Japanese Knotweed, has been known to pop up in the Borough of Ealing and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) are in the process of updating their guidance on it that could mean it is not as destructive to a client’s house sale as it currently can be if not treated correctly. RICS began consultation on the 22nd June regarding the matter.

Indeed, The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee made recommendations in 2019 that “the latest research suggests that the physical damage to property from Japanese knotweed is no greater than that of other disruptive plants and trees.

It would appear that RICS are taking their lead from this report and new guidance will hopefully be clearer to a property industry with the current guidance causing more disruption to a client’s sale as opposed to any building! We will keep all informed of an update when one is published by RICS.

RICS plants seed of change in dealing with Japanese Knotweed

Other News

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