Supporting St Martin's Back on Track Campaign

Our Sales Director, Donald Collins, will be the guest auctioneer for  St Martins West Acton's upcoming auction which will help raise much-needed funds for this local Ealing Common church.
The event is in on the 6th December - if you wish to find out more, request the catalogue or are able to donate, email or call 020 8992 3389
St Martins Church has been in the community of Acton since 1906 and has always been an active vibrant church – caring for people and the community.  They have put across the following information to better inform our clients of the situation:

The last six months has been difficult because we had to physically close our doors, although we did carry on caring for those in need. We collect for the foodbank and regularly distribute food to those in need. We support families having difficult times both practically and emotionally and many of our congregation help to support homeless charities in the local area.

We want to carry on with this work, but like everyone else we have bills to pay. St Martin’s church is a big building and repairs are expensive.  Recently we have had to do essential electrical work and roof repairs – so the rain doesn’t get in. We also have to pay towards the ‘Common Fund’ of the Church of England, which pays for our vicar and curate – who lead us in the work of St Martins.

Rev Julia Palmer, Vicar of St Martin’s said: “We are doing this auction online this year instead of having our normal Christmas Fare because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Our hope is that this event this will be fun as well as a good fund raiser helping us to get ‘Back on Track’. So do join us and buy something at our auction or you could just make a donation. (Bank details are: sort code: 40 11 58, account number 60482676).

Supporting St Martin's Back on Track Campaign

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